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Our Consultancy Services

We offer Consultancy Services to 

  • Investors & Start-ups looking for end-to-end solutions in the online gambling & gaming space

  • Software Providers looking for integration partners

  • Aggregators, Operators & Platforms looking for market leading software solutions

Are you an investor or start-up looking for opportunities in the online gambling & gaming space?

  • We believe the online gambling & gaming space is exciting and there is significant opportunity to build up your empire...

  • ... and we understand that the space is very complex & can be scary for those not familiar with it

  • We can help you fully build and manage an end-to-end solution in your chosen geographical region, including licenses & legal solutions, choosing relevant gambling & gaming products and a complete suite of operational solutions (payments, etc.)

  • Our services include initial business plan assessment to evaluate estimated return on investment (ROI) dependent on your investment size and objectives, and executing against the agreed plan according to your preferences

  • We also help with acquiring existing gambling companies to accelerate early stage growth

Are you a gambling or gaming software provider looking for integration partners?

  • We have thousands of direct contacts in the industry and we have significant experience connecting software providers with operators, aggregators and platforms - both online and land-based solutions 

  • We are always interested in learning about innovative products & solutions - if you believe you have a unique solution, we would love to learn about it and help you accelerate your growth

Are you an aggregator, operator or platform provider?

  • We partner with several market leading, innovative gambling & gaming products who are already integrated among market leading aggregators, operators and platforms in the industry. We can help you have the latest, most popular products & solutions that will help you set apart from competitors. Please see our products & solutions page to see what we offer

  • We understand that this industry is highly complex - our database can help you decide which products are best suited for you depending on your territory and licensing requirements

  • We are always interested in extending our network - if you are looking for any products & solutions, feel free to reach out to us

Are you an affiliate or agent?

  • We have 20 years of experience as super and master affiliate in the gambling & gaming space. We help affiliates and agents in explaining them how the industry works, and connect them with well-known and high performing operators to maximise their returns

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